The pumpout is located at:

Latitude: 47° 38' 33.57" (47.642658)

Operational May 1 to October 1, Friday-Sunday 9AM to 9 PM

Vacuum Pumpout systems

Pump are not designed to handle bilge water or solid material. Extreme low tides will reduce the efficiency of the pumps vacuum system.

Report pump out malfunctions to the Port of Silverdale 360-698-4918.

Report any and all sewage spills to the Port of Silverdale 360-698-4918.

These pumps have two distinct functions; they suck effluent first into the pump tank on the vacuum cycle, and then discharge it from the shore side pump tank into the sewer on the discharge cycle.  It is important to understand, that the pump does not suck any effluent from the boat when it is in discharge cycle

  1. Close the valve in the suction hose (this type of valve is a ball valve. The valve is closed when the lever is across the hose, open when the lever is in line with the hose).

  2. Remove deck waste fitting cover from boat and insert nozzle.

  3. Slowly open nozzle valve.

  4. Check the flow through the clear suction hose.

  5. If flow does not begin within one minute, place the nozzle in water for ten seconds. If there is still no flow, check for an air leak in the line or a plug in the holding tank air vent.

  6. Should the shore side pump tank become full, the will suction will automatically stop. Wait for cycle to complete, then complete emptying boat’s holding tank.

  7. When tank is empty, remove nozzle from fitting.

  8. Place the nozzle in water for 60 seconds to flush the line. Flushing helps prevent costly pump out breakdowns.

  9. Close the nozzle valve.